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Sasha Polonko, founder of small-batch pottery business, Girl Pots, is a Costa Rican-American ceramicist working on Whidbey Island. In Costa Rican culture, it’s very important to foster a deep connection to the earth and to protect our planet the best we can. This connection to nature and a dedication to sustainability is deeply-rooted in her work. Sasha creates her own glazes and clay from raw materials she foragers herself on the island and around the world where she has studied. If she is not using clay she dug herself, her pots are made of 100% recycled clay. Sasha’s pottery is designed simply yet made with deep intentionality and attention to what makes a pot durable, comfortable, and beautiful. Sasha’s creative process is centered in her own spirituality,  attraction to mastered simplicity, and empirical research. To read more, please visit the about page.

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